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I have been crucified with Christ; it is no longer I who live, but Christ lives in me; and the life which I now live in the flesh I live by faith in the Son of God, who loved me and gave Himself for me

- Galatians 2:20 -

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Why I chose to do a Full Stack Developer Udacity Nanodegree

Prior to finishing my first degree as a Mechanical Engineer (Surprise! Surprise I am actually a Mechanical Engineer by degree) I am on a mission to changing that to a Software Engineer.

First the Back Story

On the mission to getting into the world of tech (At the time I didn't view it as the world of tech, I saw it as an opportunity to focus on the computer engineering side of thing of mechanical engineering. There's story about this), I therefore choose to do a Master degree in Information Technology. Why Master? I was not ready to start another bachelors degree and I was quite eager to enter the job world and get actual experience.

Why I choose to do a Nanodegree

After landing my first tech job at Cregital I decided I need to back my experience with a professional certificate. I know the tech industry is really about what you can do but I am of the believe that a certificate aids the claims to the knowledge you have.

There were a bunch of places I could do this from. At the time I was a paying member of Udemy and I had purchased a couple of course on various aspects of web developement. I however carried out more research on the available option and came up with a list of online learning platform.

  1. Lynda
  2. Udemy
  3. Udacity
  4. Tuts+
  5. Coursera
  6. Edx

I copied this list of my notepad / journal / vision book (Ps. It is important to write things down. Habakuk 2:2). Anyways I found that Udacity had found a niche for themselves with their trademarked word Nanodegree and was being recognised by the big boys in the industry so there I was, having decided that this was a definite go to, I then received the shocker of my life. It was going to cost approximately $200 not for the whole course but per month. Thoughts like how much am I earning that I want to dish out this much every month on a single course flooded my thoughts. Life was hitting me in the face for the very first time in my 'adulting' life.

But you see I have come to realise that there are certain sacrifices you have to make on this journey to growth that will hurt when you do it but will pay so beautifully well when the time comes. So yes I signed up for the money drainer and started learning.

Udacity Certificate

Make that decision pay for that course, that opportunity, accept that not so awesome paying internship. Do it Future you depends on it.

PS. This really a story is really about how not wanting to pay for something can help you complete and achieve your goals.

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A List of Developer Resources

I have decided to create a list of resources I find and use

I would put this first because a lot of the time the site meets my immediate search on details about an in built function etc. and even the little thing you forget like how do you start an html page (lol) W3 Schools


  1. PHP Documentation - This site is an absolute must. You have to gobble the content of the site as a PHP Developer
  2. PHP FIG - Help to keep track of the


  1. Learning CSS Grid


  1. Understanding Algorithm Complexity - Big O
  2. Test on Algorithms
  3. Andela Homestudy

If you have any resource I would be happy for you to share in the comments below and I will happily add it into the article.

I will keep updating this as I find more useful resource. (Last Update: 11th August 2018)

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Learn, Develop and Grow

As I am hoping to whip up my own lite content management system (CMS), this section of my website is in development. This text therefore a sample blog post content. I hope to have it fully functional once I have a working CMS. The CMS is being built using PHP and the laravel framework.

This is officially my first blog post. I don't however intend on being a blogger but I do enjoy the concept of writing ones thoughts down. I hope to blog about my Christian walk and to be quite real about it, my career, IT, photography and anything I find interesting which to be fair can be weird and a lot.

The CMS is still very basic but I am proud what I have achieved so far.


I started the CMS so has to advance my PHP and Laravel knowledge. It is key to always take on a project when learning something new, makes the learning faster. The CMS was coined from Anchor CMS having studied the code behind it. The only similarities at moment is the backend user interface every other thing is very different.

A CMS is a CRUD (Create, Read, Update & Delete) application as are many other web applications. My development of the CMS as been loacally on my system but I hope to soon upload it on my Github and follow proper version control

"...i continue to pursue my dreams and hope to be better than I was yesterday"

Ps. This post was originally written sometime end of 2016

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